MCI Recognized PG Courses are the Post Graduate Courses recognized by Medical Council of India, allowed to teach only in the MCI Recognized Medical Colleges of India.

MCI Recognized PG Courses in broad specialities would be of: 3 years duration for PG Degree Course after MBBS; 2 years duration for PG Diploma Course after MBBS and 3 years duration for Super Speciality Course after MD / MS.

The UG / PG graduates on completion of MCI PG Recognized courses are awarded degrees as mentioned below:

  • PG Diploma is awarded to MBBS graduates on completion of PG Diploma Medical Course.
  • MD / MS is awarded to MBBS graduates on completion of PG Degree Course.
  • DM / MCh is awarded to MD / MS graduates on completion of the Super Speciality Course.
  • Ph.D is awarded on completion of Ph.D
  • Lastly other PG Courses are awarded appropriately.

Objectives of MCI Recognized PG Courses

Keeping in view the objectives of MCI Recognized PG Courses, the specializations have been developed in such a manner, that each department of specialization, brings out high level of competencies of the eligible aspirants joining these MCI Recognized PG Courses.

“Hence the eligible MBBS graduates and MD/MS Graduates must strive to study only in  MCI Recognized PG Courses.”

MCI Recognized PG Courses

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Take admission in MCI Recognized PG Courses

Taking admission only in MCI Recognized PG Courses is important so that in future the UG / PG graduates with acquired MCI Recognized PG Degree would not find any difficulty in getting eligibility and selection for significant jobs or posts at appropriate places like hospitals, educational institutions, etc. Medical Council of India (MCI) has listed the Recognized PG Courses that can be availed by the eligible aspirants from its office in New Delhi.

“All UG / PG graduates looking to pursue post-graduate medical courses may please be informed that take admission only in the MCI Recognized PG Courses that are mentioned in the list available with Medical Council of India (MCI).”

Broad Specialities of MCI Recognized PG Courses

The broad specialities of MCI Recognized PG Courses are listed below. The list gets updated time to time. Hence the aspirants looking forward to join MCI Recognized PG Courses are advised to contact Medical Council of India (MCI) office in New Delhi for an updated list.

MCI Recognized PG Diploma Courses

MCI Recognized PG Diploma Course is a 2 year duration course after MBBS. The different specializations of MCI Recognized PG Diploma Courses available are 55. The total number of seats available in the approved / recognized government and private colleges for eligible aspirants are 3923. Given below is the list of the different specializations courses and number of seats respectively:

List of Medical Council of India Recognized PG Diploma Courses

 No.Course NameSeats
1Diploma in Anesthesia644
2Diploma in Child Health542
3Diploma in Community Medicine13
4Diploma in Clinical Pathology292
5Diploma in Dermatology3
6Diploma in Diabetology3
7Diploma in Forensic Medicine24
8Diploma in Health Administration6
9Diploma in Hospital Administration6
10Diploma in Health Education50
11Diploma in Bacteriology*
12Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology650
13Diploma in Industrial Hygiene0
14Diploma in Immuno-Haematology and Blood Transfusion*
15Diploma in Leprosy2
16Diploma in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology220
17Diploma in Radio-Diagnosis263
18Diploma in Radio Therapy19
19Diploma in Medical Virology4
20Diploma in Occupational Health*
21Diploma in Ophthalmology340
22Diploma in Orthopaedics303
23Diploma in Public Health140
24Diploma in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation12
25Diploma in Psychological Medicine129
26Diploma in Radiation Medicine6
27Diploma in Sports Medicine6
28Diploma in Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases94
29Diploma in Tropical Medicine Health12
30Diploma in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy132
31Diploma in Venereology*
32Diploma in Paediatrics*
33Diploma – Aviation Medicine0
34Diploma in Cardiology0
35Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Anatomy)0
36Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Physiology)0
37Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Pharmacology)0
38Diploma in Maternity & Child Welfare0
39DGO Preventive & Social Medicine
42Diploma V & D2
43Diploma – Diploma – OLO – Rhino-Laryngology*
44Diploma – Diploma in Medical Radio-Diagnosis*
45Diploma in Medical Radiology & Electrology*
46Diploma – Diploma in Pathology & Bacteriology0
47Diploma- Plastic Surgery*
48Diploma- Urology*
49Diploma-Diplomate N.B.(Gen.Surg.)*
50Diploma in Microbiology5
51Dip. in Path.& Bact.*
52Diploma in Industrial Health1
53Diploma in Medical Radio Electrology*
54Diploma (Marine Medicine)0

* denotes Insufficient Data.

MCI Recognized PG Degree Courses

MCI Recognized PG Degree Course is a 3 year duration course after MBBS.  The MCI Recognized PG Degree Courses has total 68 specializations available and the total number of seats are 17110. Given below are the different specializations courses and the number of seats respectively:

List of Medical Council of India Recognized PG Degree Courses

S. No.CourseSeats
1DM – Infectious Diseases*
2MD – Family Medicine2
3MD – Radio Diagnosis/Radiology602
4MD – Aviation Medicine/Aerospace Medicine17
5MD – Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases / Pulmonary Medicine233
6MD/MS – Ophthalmology758
7MD/MS – Anatomy624
8MD – Blood Banking & Immuno. Haem./ Imm. Haem. & Blood Trans.*
9MD – Tropical Medicine5
10MD – Maternity & Child Health0
11MD – Pulmonary Medicine*
12MD – CCM*
13MD – P.S.M*
14MD – TB & Chest20
15MD-Skin,VD & Leprosy2
16MD – Skin & VD*
17MD – Sports Medicine2
18MD/MS – Obstetrics & Gynaecology1243
19MD-Transfusion Medicine1
20MD – Immuno Haematology & Blood Transfusion37
21MD – Medicine*
22Doctor of Medicine*
24Master’s of Physician*
25MD – Pharmacology and Therapeutics*
26MD – Pathology & Microbiology0
27MD (Emergency Medicine)22
28MD – R & D*
29MD – Anaesthesiology1382
30MD – Anatomy*
31MD – Aviation Medicine*
32MD – Bio-Chemistry447
33MD – Bio-Physics4
34MD – Community Medicine8
35MD – Dermatology*
36MD – Forensic Medicine/Forensic Medicine & Toxicology273
37MD – General Medicine2172
38MD – Community Health Administration10
39MD – Geriatrics5
40MD – Hospital Administration28
41MD – Health Administration*
42MD – Lab Medicine0
43MD – Microbiology668
44MD – Nuclear Medicine2
45MD – Obstetrtics & Gynaecology2
46MD – Ophthalmology*
47MD – Paediatrics1075
48MD – Pathology1128
49MD – Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy447
50MD – Pharmacology591
51MD – Physiology617
52MD – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation28
53MD – Psychiatry356
54MD – Radio Diagnosis25
55MD – Radiology*
56MD – Radiotherapy154
57MD – Social & Preventive Medicine / Community Medicine669
58MD – Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases/Medicine20
59MD – Venereology3
60MS – Obstetrics and gGynaecology16
61MS – Orthopaedic861
62MS – Anatomy*
63MS – ENT570
64MS – General Surgery1981
65MS – Ophthalmology*
66MS – Anaesthesia*
67MS – Medicine*
68MS – Neuro Surgery*

* denotes Insufficient Data.

MCI Recognized Super Speciality Courses

MCI Recognized Super Speciality Courses are a 3 year duration course after MD / MS. The MCI Recognized Super Speciality courses are available a plenty for the eligible PG Graduates.  At Super Speciality level of studies, the total number specializations are 34 and the total number of seats available are 1555. Given below are the different specializations courses and the number of seats respectively:

List of Medical Council of India Recognized Super Speciality Courses

S. No.Course NameSeats
1DM – Clinical Pharmacology16
2DM – Clinical Haematology13
3DM – Pulmonary Medicine8
4DM – Neuro Radiology2
5DM – Nephrology72
6DM – Neonatology17
7DM – Oncology44
8DM – Gastroenterology85
9DM – Cardiology236
10DM – Neurology139
11DM – Rheumatology8
12DM – Endocrinology44
13DM – Clinical Immunology4
14DM – Pul. Med. & Critical Care Med.0
15DM – Cardiac-Anaes.11
16DM – Haematology Pathology/Hematopthology1
17DM – Medical Genetics2
18DM – Hepatology5
19M.Ch – Hepato Pancreato Biliary Surgery2
20M.Ch – Urology/Genito-Urinary Surgery148
21M.Ch. – Hand & Micro Surgery0
22M.Ch.(Burns & Plastic Surgery)0
23M.Ch – Endocrine Surgery6
24M.Ch – Oncology4
25M.Ch – Vascular Surgery7
26M.Ch – Cardio Thoracic Surgery77
27M.Ch – Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery52
28M.Ch – Neuro Surgery176
29M.Ch – Paediatric Surgery123
30M.Ch – Plastic Surgery145
31M.Ch – Surgical Gastroenterology/G.I. Surgery26
32M.Ch – Surgical Oncology47
33M.Ch – Thoracic Surgery32
34M.Ch – Urology3


MCI Recognized PhD Course

The list, the seats and the specialization do not end here. We still have higher level of studies for the deserving few and this level can be considered to be highest level, which is the PhD study. In the PhD there is total of 41 specializations to choose from and the Ph.D has to be done in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. Given below are the list of specializations available:

List of Medical Council of India Recognized Ph.D Courses

S. No.Course Name
1Ph.D – Bio – Chemistry
2Ph. D – Microbiology
3Ph. D – Pathology
4Ph. D – Forensic Medicine
5Ph. D – Anaesthesia
6Ph. D – Bio-Statistics
7Ph. D – Bio-Technology
8Ph. D – Cardiology
9Ph. D – Community Medicine
10Ph. D – Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery
11Ph. D – Dermatology & Venereology
12Ph. D – Endocrinology & Metabolism
13Ph. D – ENT
14Ph. D – Gastro & Human Nutrition Unit
15Ph. D – Gastrointestinal Surgery
16Ph. D – Hospital Administration
17Ph. D – Haematology
18Ph. D – Histo Compatibility & Immunogenetics
19Ph. D – Lab Medicine
20Ph. D – Medical Oncology
21Ph. D – Medical Physics
22Ph. D – Medicine
23Ph. D – Nephrology
24Ph. D – Neurology
25Ph. D – Neuro Surgery
26Ph. D – Neuro Magnetic Resonance
27Ph. D – Nuclear Medicine
28Ph. D – Obst. & Gynae
29Ph. D – Ocular Bio Chemistry
30Ph. D – Ocular Microbiology
31Ph. D – Ocular Pharmacology
32Ph. D – Orthopaedics
33Ph. D – Paediatric Surgery
34Ph. D – Paediatric
35Ph. D – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
36Ph. D – Psychiatry
37Ph. D – Radiotherapy
38Ph. D – Radio Diagnosis
39Ph. D – Surgery
40Ph. D – Urology
41Ph.D –  Medical Biochemistry


MCI Recognized Other Courses

There are also some other courses which are MCI Recognized. These are total of 20 specializations. The present list of MCI shows the number of seats of 3 specializations only – There are 24 seats of Masters in Hospital Administration, 1 seat of M. Sc. in Medical Bacteriology, 6 seats of M. Sc. in Pathology. For the remaining details of seats please check up with Medical Council of India, New Delhi. Given below are the different specializations courses:

List of Medical Council of India Recognized Other Courses

S. No.Course Name
1D.P.B (Pathology)
5F.C.P.S.(Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy)
6F.C.P.S.(Mid. & Gynae)
8M C P S
9Master of Hospital Administration
10M.Sc – Medical Pharmacology
11M.Sc – Medical Anatomy
12M.Sc – Medical Pathology
13M.Sc – Medical Bacteriology
14M.Sc – Bio-Physics
15M.Sc – Microbiology
16M.Sc – Anatomy
17M.Sc – Physiology
18M.Sc – Medical Bio-chemistry
19M.Sc – Pathology

We hope that this article might be helpful to aspirants looking to join MCI Recognized PG Courses in India. The number of courses as well as the seats vary from year to year.  For more confirmed list of MCI Recognized PG Courses you may approach the Medical Council of India.

Note: If the above article does not answer your question or you have a different question. You may ask your question or contribute your experience or give your valuable comment / reply to this article.

Research Opportunities after MBBS

Meritorious MBBS graduate who have scored more than 60 percentage marks without any repeats in their MBBS 4 and 1/2 years course have certain research opportunities to pursue. They are as under:

  • Disease biology & molecular medicine.
  • Plant biotechnology & discovery.

Interested MBBS graduates looking for PhD may try to explore with The Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) for more details. Website: