Seats Increase in Indira Gandhi Medical College Shimla, Himachal Pradesh from 65 seats to 100 Seats. Total MBBS seats in Himachal Pradesh is 350.

Indira Gandhi Medical College Shimla in Himachal Pradesh has increased its MBBS seats from 65 to 100.  This increase is done with the consent & permission of Medical Council of India.

Seats Increase in Indira Gandhi Medical College Shimla is an opportunity to the MBBS aspirants of Himachal Pradesh to take admission in the medical college for becoming a doctor.

The MBBS seats are given to the students who have obtained ranks in Combined Pre-Medical Entrance Test conducted by Himachal Pradesh University on behalf of the government through Department of Medical Education & Research. The seats are given through centralized counseling.

Indira Gandhi Medical College Shimla is in the north eastern state of Himachal Pradesh and the affiliation of the medical college is to Himachal Pradesh University.

The management of this medical college in Shimla is under government of Himachal Pradesh. The medical college is a reputed and MCI recognized medical institution.

Seats Increase in Indira Gandhi Medical College Shimla raises total seats to 350.

The addition of 35 MBBS seats for the academic year 2013-14 have raised the total number of seats in medical colleges of  Himachal Pradesh to 350 MBBS seats. Any further increase of seats will be updated.

Seats Increase in Indira Gandhi Medical College Shimla is a good development to the MBBS aspirants in Himachal Pradesh who were looking for such an increase.

The MBBS seats increase is encouraging for the doctor-patient ratio in Himachal Pradesh.


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Increase of MBBS Seats for 2013-14

MBBS Seats

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From 65 to 100



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