Price for storing cord blood at CordTrack for 20 years is nearly $5,000 and in another plan the price for enrolling into 10-years plan is nearly $4,000. The pricing of company is higher than the national average.

CordTrack cord blood bank came into existence in the year 2007. The blood bank is located at 5737 Kanan Road Ste 500, Westlake Village, Westlake Village, California 91301. Till today the company has helped perform nearly 200 transplants. Photo Credit – Banc / Flickr

The company claims that the price for storing cord-blood at CordTrack is fixed without compromising the quality of service and that the company is financially stable.

Licensing & Accreditation of CordTrack

CordTrack is licensed and FDA registered. The cord-blood bank has its accreditation with CLIA and AABB.  The company has a Florida State licensed laboratory. CordTrack is associated with a public cord blood bank.

Services for Storing Cord Blood at CordTrack

The services assured for storing cord blood at CordTrack are Cord-blood Banking and Cord Tissue BankinStoring Cord Blood at CordTrackg. The Cord Blood can be used for Analogous Purpose and for Family Use as well.

The method adopted for storage of cord-blood is in a sterilized bag and Buffy Coat.

The laboratory report covers the Blood Type, Cell Viability, Sterility Cultures, Total Nucleated Cell Count and Total Volume of Cord Blood.

Price for Storing Cord Blood at CordTrack

The company’s Price look moderate and has 4 types of enrollment plans suiting the parents need. The parents have the choice of storing cord-blood at CordTrack in a 1-year plan, 5 years plan, 10 years plan and 20 years enrollment plan.

Pricing for Banking Cord Blood at CordTrack

All of these plans have a one time fee along with annual storage fee

  • The price for 1 year plan is more than $2,000 and but not above  $2,2oo,
  • For 5 years plan is nearly $3,000 and this the maximum,
  • For 10 years plan is nearly $4,000 and not more than $4,000
  • Last plan is 20 years which is nearly $5,000 and not above $5,000.

Annual Cord Blood Storage Fee – CordTrack charges between $140 to a maximum of $150 Annual Storage Fee for storing.

Other Storage Plans at CordTrack

There are many more storage plans available with Crodtrack , for example – 5 Unit Storage for Multiple Life Saving Opportunities. For more details you may contact CordTrack.

No Withdrawl Fee – CordTrack Blood Bank does not charge any fee to the parents who may withdraw Cord Blood from StemCyte for any reason.

Discounts – CordTrack at the time of writing this article does not offer any discount with regard to cord blood

CordTrack Compares Price with other Blood banks of US

CordTrack Cord Blood Bank as per our study looks considerably higher in comparison with other banks of United States.

  • 1-year enrollment plan charges around 2,200 and is higher in comparison with all other cord blood banks of US which are priced at less than $1,800.
  • 5-year enrollment is around $3,000 and is almost much higher to others which are priced at less than $2,300.
  • 10-year enrollment plan is around $4,000 and is much higher to others which are priced at less than $2,900.
  • 20-year enrollment plan is around $5,000 and is considerably high than others which are priced at less than$4,000.
Cord Blood Shipping At CordTrack

CordTrack Cord-blood Bank has its shipping in place and the medical courier service is entrusted to FedEx – a reliable courier company.

Find Out more details –  For knowing the latest updated prices for banking at CordTrack you can reach by

Phone – (888) 580-8725

Email –

Personal visit

Address – 5737 Kanan Road Ste 500, Westlake Village, Westlake Village, California 91301. Parents interested in storing cord blood at CordTrack can also visit

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