2 DM seats in Meghalaya Colleges available for 1 of various DM specializations to choose from.

Affiliated university is

  • North Eastern Hill University, Shillong.

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DM seats in Meghalaya Colleges
DM seats in Meghalaya Colleges – Photo Credit

The information will help you to take DM admission in Meghalaya Colleges in a recognized seat instead of a permitted seat.

Recognition status of DM seats in Meghalaya Colleges

Details below are in the order of DM Specialization, number of DM seats available and Recognition status.

DM – Cardiology

DM – Cardiology                North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Instt. of Health and Medical Sciences, Shillong

2              Recognized from 2015

Source: MCI

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Note: The MD or MS doctors must guide themselves for admission only in the recognized DM Seats in Meghalaya Colleges.