Admission in Medical Colleges with Unauthorized Increase of Seats. Taking admission in medical colleges having unauthorized seats is risky for the career & future of the student. Such seats do not have MCI approval. Hence the students must avoid taking admission in an unauthorized seat that is not permitted by MCI. Recently in one of the northern state of India, three medical colleges without the approval of MCI had increased its seats for admission.

“Obtaining degree from such unauthorized increased seat is not recognized by MCI & thus considered  invalid degree.”

This is clearly mentioned in the Indian Medical Council Act 1956 under section 10 (A). Students taking admission in such unauthorized seats will face the problem of not being considered by MCI for registration after completion of course.

Admission in Medical Colleges
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Degree from Medical Colleges with Unauthorized Seats is Invalid

As per the IMC Act 1956, students obtaining such a degree is invalid & would not be recognized. MCI will not allow the candidates of such acquired degree for registration as medical practitioner. In such a scenario the candidate is left high and dry.

“Hence the advice to the students is to find out with the colleges, the status of the seat before taking admission.”

The student within his rights needs to know that he / she are taking admission in an unauthorized or authorized seat and later not to face any problem.

MCI Appeals in Supreme Court Against Unauthorized Increase of Seats

MCI objected to the action of the three (3) medical colleges for the unauthorized increase of seats. The colleges approached the High court. The judgment came in favour of the institutions which went ahead to give admission to the students. The action of the medical colleges & judgment of High Court made MCI appeal in the Supreme Court. As per the rule under section 10 (A) of IMC Act 1956, the Supreme Court gave the judgment in favour of MCI.

“The Supreme Court through the bench headed by Justice Altamas Kabir & Justice J Chelameswar ruled that any increase of seats by the colleges without the prior approval of MCI are not acceptable.”

Degree obtained from such a seat is not be valid & not a recognized medical qualification as per the IMC Act 1956.

The Supreme Court Bench Reasoned for Unauthorized Seats

The Supreme Court reasoned that they were unable to agree with Single Judge or Division of High court that once permission granted to the medical colleges, then the colleges could increase the seats without the prior permission of MCI or the central government.

The Three (3) medical colleges that increased the seats without MCI approval are:

S. No.


Name of

Affiliated To

Authorized Intake of Seats

Unauthorized Increase of Seats


Uttar Pradesh Rama Medical College and Hospital, Kanpur Dr B R Ambedkar University, Agra




Uttar Pradesh School of Medical Sciences & Research, Greater Noida Sharda University, Greater Noida




Uttar Pradesh Teerthankar Mahaveer Medical College, Moradabad Teerhankar Mahaveer University, Moradabad



Questions crop up in the minds with no answers for taking Admission in Unauthorized Seats

What made the 3 colleges increase the seats without taking the prior approval of MCI? Did the High Court’s judgment in favour of the medical colleges has a positive objective of encouraging the student’s community to become doctors?  Why should the student community face such a confusion and who is blamed for such creation?

“What happens to the career and life of the student after taking admission in colleges with unauthorized seats?”

The answers to the question will be best answered by time or none. The consequences faced by the students and their guardians is irreversible.

The Article on Taking Admission in Unauthorized Seats is Inconclusive

The article is inconclusive and written only to enlighten the students and their guardians for taking necessary care while taking admission in any MBBS college in India.

Please do ask the medical colleges which is your right to know about the status of the seat, whether it is permitted or recognized by MCI for admission in the medical colleges having such unauthorized seats.