Doctors for villages in India is the need considering we require one doctor per village. Or does it mean 6,38,365 doctors shortage?

If we are short, don’t you think the villagers of India deserve at least one doctor per village for their health and well being?  How do we go about to provide one doctor for every village?

Well this is possible only if there is a political will. And yes, the political will have to begin from the government of India. We are sure Ministry of Health & Family Welfare is leaving no stone turned to achieve the objective.

To start with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has already put the foot forward. The steps taken by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare are as mentioned below:

  • Proposing one year mandatory rural service of doctors, to increase the duration of medical course from five & half years to six & half years, by setting one year aside for rural posting.
  • Asking US bound medicos (Doctors) to give a Bond before leaving for medical studies to US, will have to come back to India after finishing studies. They wont be allowed to practise there.
  • Even the US government from the year 2012 is insisting on a government NOC (No Objection Certificate) from every Indian student enrolling with an American institute for studies.

The above mentioned steps are necessary if we are seriously looking to fill up the gap of 6,38,365 doctors shortage our country has.

“Since last 3 years, 3000 doctors who left for US have not come back. If the brain drain is at this alarming rate, then how can we expect to have 6,38,365 doctors for our villages.”

Doctors for villages in India

To reduce the gap of demand and supply of doctors, the 335 medical colleges in India are not sufficient to produce so many doctors. Hence it is concluded that the number of colleges to be increased which in turn increase the number of seats and so substantial increase of intake of eligible aspirants into medical colleges of India.

“Every year only 40,525 seats are available in the country and the numbers of aspirants competing are nearly one million.”

Further, let us encourage the medical aspirants to look for opportunity outside India. There are many countries with well established medical colleges and hospitals providing admissions to deserving Indian students looking for medical studies.

“Already Indians who are going outside India to pursue medical studies are coming back as full-fledged doctors to provide their invaluable service to our nation.”

To sum up we have to understand that we do everything necessary to fill up the shortage of 6,38,365 doctors in our country and to serve our rural brothers & sisters whose health & well being is as important as the urban population.