Question is, “should government scrap FMGE screening test for foreign doctors?”

Yes, is the answer, but now the think-tanks mooting an idea that the foreign returned doctors must now write PG-NEET; qualify, then you can practice in India and / or have choice to take admission in PG courses.

How fair is it, to again ask the foreign undergraduate medical degree holder to switch from a tough FMGE Screening test to a tougher PG-NEET exam?

I did not understand, why are the students who go to study in foreign country and come back with a valid medical degree; are facing an insurmountable screening test which most of the students and parents felt was very tough.

This is in regard about the point mooted in a newspaper article published in June 2016.

Government Scrap FMGE Screening Test
Government Scrap FMGE Screening Test – Source

Does it mean the abroad medical colleges or schools (China, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Nepal, and Bangladesh to name a few); that have awarded the students a recognized degree are not valid in India?

It is a pity, that the poor and hapless students after 6 years arrive back to their own country; and again finds him or her facing an uncertain future. This is absolutely unfair.

Hence somebody from the powerful government machinery needs to address this pitiable situation of the hapless students and guardian.

Let those foreign returned medical degree armed doctors not get depression with the loss of time and money. Hence do something please.

Suppose, really if from year 2017 FMGE screening test is for scrapping, then so many questions need answers.

Question Should Government Scrap FMGE Screening Test and more queries need answers.

  • FMGE Screening Test takes place twice a year. However, PG-NEET is only once a year. So now what.
  • PG-NEET eligible doctors have finished or completing their internship. However, the foreign returned MBBS graduates have not completed their internship.  So now allowing foreign returned doctors to write PG-NEET raises questions like how and why.
  • The qualified PG-NEET gets admission in PG courses. However, the foreign-returned doctors gets a twin advantage to practice in India; as well as also pursue the PG course of the same passing of PG-NEET. So now the doctor who did MBBS in India may feel unjustified.

The questions and permutations may not end. A catch-22 situation for the government of India.

Now the onus is on the relevant ministry and babus; whatever they do, hopefully everything has justification, legality and an unbiased touch.

Hope the question “Should Government Scrap FMGE Screening Test For ‘Foreign’ Doctors’? is answered sooner the better.