Lateral Entry into MBBS means an aspirant can make direct admission….….entry into 3rd or 4th year of the 5 & half or 6 years MBBS course in India or Abroad.

This type of lateral entry into MBBS is looked forward by graduates who have completed B.Sc. (Nursing), BPT, and such related degrees from India.

The reason being that the first 2 years of MBBS degree syllabus and subjects are already passed by the B.Sc. (Nursing) and BPT graduates.

The certain common subjects of BPT & B.Sc (Nursing) and MBBS have encouraged the BPT & B.Sc graduates to explore the possibilities of lateral entry into MBBS.

Now the question arises, “Whether lateral entry to MBBS is allowed?” The answer is Yes and No. “Yes” means – Allowed In Certain Universities In Abroad.  “No” means – Not Allowed in Indian Universities.

Again the question “Why not allowed in India?” The answer, because Medical Council of India does not give permission to the medical universities of India to do so.

It is widely believed that such opportunities are existing abroad. However such lateral entry does not exist in India and not allowed by Medical Council of India.

So the bottom line is that even if you go for lateral entry into MBBS in any abroad university, once you come back to India, the Medical Council of India would not recognize such degree acquired by BPT or B.Sc. (Nursing) graduates from abroad.

The conclusion and advise to such aspirants – Please be warned that there is nothing like Lateral Entry to MBBS and no such thing exists, atleast not for the aspirants of India.

To know more accurate information about Lateral Entry into MBBS, ATBanzara Education advises such aspirants to contact Medical Council of India, New Delhi.