Mandatory Rural Posting for Post Graduate (PG) Doctors of India.
The mandatory rural posting of Post Graduates (PG) in India from the year 2012 is the launching year of year-long mandatory rural stint in certain states of India for PG graduating doctors. The central government decision is aimed at improving health care services in rural area.

The initiative of the state governments and the readily acceptance of junior doctors for mandatory posting is a welcome development and a step in the progressive direction.

The PG medical professionals getting ready to give one year service to our brothers & sisters of the villages of India is a large-hearted contribution. Let us clap for the magnanimous intention of the Post Graduate medical professionals.

PG Doctors Posting at Community Primary & Secondary Health Centres

The PG Doctors mandatory posting will be at Community Health Centres, area, district & teaching hospitals apart from Super Speciality Hospitals. This posting gives tremendous exposure to the medical professionals at various primary and secondary health care centres.

“The mandatory rural posting will do a world of good for gaining experience to the medical professionals.”

In turn the population of 6,38,365 villages of India will get the opportunity of medical treatment and health care by learned medical professionals.

Bipartite Agreements between Government & Junior Doctors

A bipartite agreement signed between the government and junior doctors in the month of February 2012, endorsing the state government to appoint a committee to look into the feasibility of mandatory rural service.

Mandatory Rural Posting for Post Graduate (PG) Doctors of India.

“Now the responsibility lies with the government of India towards the Post Graduate medical Professionals”.

Hope the government assures to post the Post Graduate medical professionals  in the specialties of their study in Post Graduate Diploma and Post Graduate Degree.

Directorate of Medical Education (DME) Counsels the PG Doctors for Mandatory Posting

The Directorate of Medical Education (DME) of the state government will conduct the counseling for the mandatory rural posting of the PG doctors. Since this is the launching year for the mandatory rural posting in certain states in India.

“There will be certain bottle necks to overcome while conducting the mandatory rural posting”.

The government of India is urged to take pro-active approach to carry out the procedure in a smooth way.

PG Doctors Sign Bond committing to Mandatory Rural Posting

Let us not forget that the PG Doctors have worked so hard and sacrificed so many luxuries to become a medical professional. The profession is a noble one and the service considered in India to a God’s service to the human community. We appreciate the Post Graduate medical professional who signed a bond while taking admission to study Post Graduate Diploma & Post Graduate Degree.

“The signing of the bond shows commitment of the medical professionals to serve the rural population for a year-long stint”.

As per Government Order, the government can penalize post-graduate diploma & degree medical graduates for Rs 15 lakhs & Rs 20 lakhs respectively if they violate the bond. The PG medical professional committing to such a bond is highly appreciated.

The above article answers questions like: Whether rural posting is mandatory for PG Doctors in India?  Whether any bond is to be signed before joining the Post Graduate Medical Course of study? Will violation of the bond penalize the medical professionals in any way? Is the central government’s decision for improving health care services in rural are acceptable to the PG doctors of India?

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