MBBS admission pretext for politicians in assembly is a known and universal reality existing from times memorial in the country called India.

Looks like the politicians’ ulterior motive is rocking the assembly.

One of the latest trends to pick up a debate or argument in an assembly is MBBS admission.

At the drop of the hat, every politician is having this NEET UG arsenal in his bag to start the assembly proceeding.

Sometimes, they even raise a topic on MBBS admission of last academic year like 2016.

And what is the reason was given to start the fight; “Why was MBBS admission done after Sept 31, 2016.”

This is the question asked by the opposition to the present Chief Minister of Puducherry.

Recently Pondicherry University ordered to cancel the examination schedule of the first year MBBS admission.

This brought the career of 450 MBBS students who have taken admission in the academic year 2016 in danger.

MBBS admission pretext for politicians in assembly
MBBS admission pretext for politicians in assembly – Photo Credit

MBBS admission pretext in the name of irregularity

Reason cited by the university that the Puducherry government had done irregularity while admitting MBBS students.

Now, what is the irregularity?

Well, it says that though Sept 31, 2017 is the last date for MBBS admission for the academic year 2016.

But the Centralized Admission Committee did admissions even after the last date.

This matter was complained to Medical Council of India, which sought clarifications from the Puducherry government.

This charge was denied and the Chief Minister of Puducherry challenged the Lt Governor to substantiate the allegations.

Whatever might the developments discussed in the above paragraphs?

The only sufferers are the 450 MBBS students whose career has been put in jeopardy by these fighting politicians.

Request to politicians please don’t play with the careers of future doctors with MBBS admission pretext; as used by politicians in assembly for debate.