MBBS aspirants Lost 60 Days of their precious life from 31 January 2017 to 31 March 2017 due to the petitions and judgement of highest court of India.

Though the above 25 years MBBS aspirants were given chance to apply for NEET UG 2017 but alas what about the 60 days.

Those 60 days has shattered their dreams of becoming a doctor.

Even after the permission was granted, an above 25 years old MBBS student committed suicide, just because he was not confident to perform better in NEET 2017.

MBBS aspirants Lost 60 Days
MBBS aspirants Lost 60 Days – Photo Credit

Who takes responsibility for MBBS aspirants lost 60 days?

Who is responsible for all this drama and chaos? And why should the MBBS above 25 years aspirants must bear the brunt for the decision of few “Babe Babus” of Delhi.

Request to the mandarins in Delhi. Please do not demotivate the youngsters; who just crossed 25 years and still trying without losing hope to become doctors and serve the health of Indians.

One side, we debate that there are doctors shortage in India. On the other side we are curbing the aspirants to become doctors by creating an upper age ceiling.

They are too young to understand politics and the gullibility factor is on the wrong side of their age.

Please take caution to understand the sensitiveness and sensibilities of these youngsters and act accordingly.

Though the implementation of single entrance test is good, however, taking every age MBBS aspirants into confidence is a priority.

Our humble request to the prime minister of India and the health minister of India. Please consider the request of the 1.5 lac MBBS aspirants to extend the NEET May 7, to a further date.

This act of generosity from the present government would do a world of good to the multitudes of MBBS aspirants; praying day in and day out for the extension of last date of NEET.

Please return the “MBBS aspirants Lost 60 Days” and extend the May 7 NEET date.