MBBS in China – Opportunity for medical aspirants.
Aspirants looking forward to study MBBS in China must know that People’s Republic of China has authorized nearly 50 medical universities. One country that the applicants should look forward to go is Republic of China. This is an excellent chance to the international students to go forward and study medicine in China. The MBBS degree awarded is of 6 years duration.

Eligibility for Admission – To get admission in MBBS College in China, the aspirant need to have 10+2 or higher secondary pass with at-least 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry & Biology. The aspirants must feel lucky that this kind of chance was non-existent earlier and that China is welcoming foreign and overseas aspirants.

MBBS in China – Opportunity for medical aspirants. Aspirants looking forward to study

Duration & Fees – The duration of study for MBBS in China is 6 years including internship. The tuition fees are low-cost in comparison with that the private medical colleges in India charge. The medical colleges in China are all government-owned.

Academically Linked to Hospital – The institutions are as old as 30 years  to 100 years.  All medical colleges are having attached hospitals and good faculty. Programmes and research take place regularly in the medical colleges of China. The medical institutions are academically linked to major health centers of China.

Recognition & Accreditation of Medical Colleges in China – The medical colleges are duly recognized by Higher Education Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education, Beijing, China. This accreditation authority is under the ministry of education of China. The medical colleges and universities are also recognized by Medical Council of India. WHO is one of the accreditation body which have accredited the medical universities of China.

Indian Embassy in China send circular to MCI – Particularly aspirants from India, please be informed that Medical Council of India receives a circular from People’s Republic of China’s Indian Embassy. The circular cites that International Cooperation and Exchange Department of the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China authorized 49 universities of China for enrolling Foreign Students to study MBBS in English medium.

Facilities –  The medical universities in this country are very old with good infrastructure. The students be rest assured about good medical facilities and faculty while studying MBBS in China.

MCI Approved Universities – The degree offered & awarded by the Chinese universities is MBBS just like India. The best part is that Medical Council of India approves and recognizes the medical degree in India. Subject to the student passes the MCI Screening test after coming back to India after completing medical degree from China.

Indian Embassy In China sends – Every year number of students go to study MBBS in China. The Indian embassy in China, every year sends the updated list of medical universities in China that give admissions for the international students.

Simple Student Visa Rules – The admission procedures and the visa formalities are very simple. These simple rules have made it possible for a number of students going to study MBBS in China. The Chinese embassy in Mumbai has set up a facilitation centre for issue student visa within 3 days and for urgent cases within 24 hours.

Medical Universities of China on MCI WebsiteThe list of China medical universities for the students to apply are available in the website of Medical Council of India. We will be updating information for the students of India, wishing to go for MBBS in China. Mentioned below are names of the universities in China for pursuing medical degree. Some of the universities on the list are there in the MCI website. Please do visit the website for first hand information.

MCI issues Eligibility Certificate – Medical Council of India issues Eligibility Certificate to those candidates opting to take admission for MBBS in China, in the colleges as per the list given below:

List of Medical Universities to study MBBS in China

Anhui Medical University
Beihua University
Capital Medical College
Central China Science and Technology University
Chongqing Medical University
Dali College
Dalian Medical University
Fujian Medical University
Guangxi Medical University
Guangzhou Medical College
Harbin Medical University
Hebei Medical University
Jia Mu Si University
Jiangsu University
Jilin University
Jinan University
Kunming Medical University
Lanzhou University
Medical University of China
Nanchang University
Nanjing Medical University
Nantong University
Ning Bo University
Ningxia Medical University
Qingdao University
Sanxia University
Shan Tou University
Shandong University
Shihezi University
Sichuan University
South East University
South Medical University
Suzhou University
Taishan Medical College
Tianjin Medical University
Tongji University
Weifang Medical College
Wenzhou Medical College
Wuhan University
Xi’an Communication University
Xiamen University
Xinjiang Medical University
Xuzhou Medical College
Yangzhou University
Zhejiang University
Zhengzhou University
Zhong Shan University
Zhongnan University

10000 students from India – From last 6 years, there has been a high demand to go to study MBBS in China. Reasons could be easy visa formalities for students, rich &  advanced country, medical colleges are more than 100 to 200 years old. The college infrastructure is full-fledged. As per numbers, there could be nearly 10000 students from India who are studying MBBS in China. Already one to two batches have come back after completing MBBS in China and many have cleared the MCI screening test.