MBBS in Malaysia aspirants are required to know that there are public as well as private medical colleges in Malaysia that are recognised by W.H.O. and Medical Council of India.

The Schools of medicine are inviting aspirants to study MBBS to their country and are providing admissions in their prestigious medical universities that are collaborated with universities of United States of America.

For the benefit of the eligible students looking for pursuing MBBS in Malaysia, ATBanzara Education has listed below Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine for admission.

Malaysia –  A Destination in Demand

There are no second

MBBS in Malaysia
A Johns Hopkins Collaboration in Asia ( Photo )

thoughts about the quality of education as well as the location of Malaysia in Asia.

Due to its strategic spot of this country, that a large number of patients in and around Asia come to Malaysia to get the treatment which is at par with world standards.

The testimony to this fact can be seen by the prestigious Manipal University from India, setting up a medical college & hospital in Malaysia in collaboration with Malaysian Government.

There are more than 10 medical colleges in Malaysia to study MBBS in Malaysia.

International students are encouraged by the respective Medical College  to enrol in their institutions to pursue medical education. Indians may look forward to this country to study MBBS in Malaysia. There is presence of large of Indians in Malaysia, a friendly country.

Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine 

Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine founded in 2010, to initiate medical science in Southeast Asia. In collaboration with John Hopkins Medicine, United States of America aims to provide medical education with research and health care to patients in Asia.

  • MBBS in Malaysia aspirants would be delighted to know that the mission of Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine is to prepare doctors to practice highest standard of clinical medicine and prevent disease in health care delivery and in basic science.
  • Also to produce leaders who will leverage through innovations and take the foundation to improve health through patient care, research and education.
  • To follow the John Hopkins model of medical education and bring the latest advances of health care.
  • The vision of Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine is to integrate the medical education with a teaching hospital and biomedical research.

MBBS Malaysia aspirants would be pleased to know that  already a batch is enrolled from September 2011  coming out in the year 2015 accomplishing mission &  vision.