The important MBBS news today July 11, 2017 for the NEET qualified students of India.

  1. First the exit exam might be made compulsory from coming year.
  2. Second is the SC refusal to entertain plea with respect to TN government’s order of 85% quota seats.
  3. Third, the signing of agreement between private medical colleges and Kerala government with regard to yearly tuition fees.
MBBS news today
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MBBS News Today Brought to your Notice

Hoping to update the MBBS realted news on a regular basis, thus keeping you enlightened with the latest medical news helpful to you with respect to admissions.

Exit Exam for MBBS graduates soon

Looks like the exit exam after MBBS is a reality that may become compulsory from the academic year 2018.

  • So MBBS students need to study hard in your 5 and half duration; and get your license to practice in India or abroad.
  • It is widely believed that making exit test mandatory to the MBBS graduates will improve the quality of MBBS doctors passing out every year.

SC refuses to entertain plea for 85% quota seats

The refusal of hearing by SC and thus asking the high court of Madras to decide on the 85% TN board quota for the MBBS seats.

  • Thus clear the docks for bringing government order in favour of the NEET eligible TN board of examination syllabus candidates.

Signing of Agreement between Kerala Government and Private Medical Colleges

The signing of agreement (Fees per annum) between Kerala government represented by health minister KK Shyalaja; and the 2 private medical colleges, MES in Perinthalmanna and CSI in Karakonam

  • Thus a positive development helpful to MBBS NEET qualified students of Kerala.
  • Hence, for 20% of students MBBS fees per annum to pay Rs 25,000 per annum,
  • 30% seats fees is Rs 2.5 lakh,
  • 5% seats Rs 11 lakh
  • Rs 15 lakh for NRI seats
  • Thus it is being closely observed to see the reactions of other private medical colleges in Kerala.
  • Whatever, this has given some relief to the state government of Kerala.
  • Hopeful it may ink more such agreements for the good of medical aspirants of 2017-18.

Thus hoping the above MBBS news today is for the NEET qualified candidates; who want get abreast with the latest developments of medical education.