MCI Permitted Seat of the passed out student, when not Recognized, then what is the fate of the student.

When a MCI Permitted seat never gets recognized even after 5-6 years of completion of his / her course then what happens to the fate of the student is the question embedded in the minds of the UG / PG graduates who are presently in the middle of pursuing courses of their respective medical specializations.

Well, to know the answer to this question, let us follow the instance that happened to a PG student in India as under:

Jay Pee Ess named student finished his MBBS Degree from a government college. The next obvious step he appeared for PG Entrance in the year 2000 and got a seat in the subject of his choice of specialization in Skin & V.D. and with the encouragement of the PG Convener joined the course. At the time of joining Jay Pee Ess did not know whether this is a MCI Permitted seat or Recognized seat.

“In the end of 1st year, he topped in the class for his chosen specialization, awarded Best PG student of that year, his thesis was published in Indian journal of leprosy and declared as one of the references in Leprosy journal published from U.K. Confirming his intellect and knowledge at international level.”

MCI Permitted Seat of the passed out student, when not Recognized
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However his happiness was short-lived on discovering that the seat he has joined is not Recognized seat but only MCI Permitted seat. On knowing this he rushed to the Principal of the college who explained that it is the state government’s duty to get the MCI permitted seat recognized and the students need not worry.

“From the year 2000 till the completion of the course in the year 2003, the Skin & V.D. department was appropriately filled by the required staff as per Medical Council of India norms like one professor, one associate professor, 2 assistant professors and one lecture and yet the MCI permitted seat was not recognized.”

Jay Pee Ess, being a bright student passed his post graduation in 2003 with good marks and was called for various interviews at national level government organizations and hospitals.  At some places Jay Pee Ess was humiliated by not being allowed to enter the interview hall because of his PG was completed in MCI Permitted seat. And later in some other government concerns, his selection was done but was not allowed to join the duty because the Post Graduation Degree completed by him was in a MCI Permitted seat and not Recognized seat.

“Years passed, reached 2006. The Medical College could not yet get the MCI Permitted seat recognized and eventually stopped admission for this branch of specialization.  Jay Pee Ess’s state of mind is in a miserable condition and rightly entitled to know –

What mistake has he done that he is suffering from it? If the PG Entrance Examination would not have been conducted in 1999 by advertising Skin PG Seat in prospectus and the counseling had not taken place for the admission, then he would not have joined the MCI permitted seat. In spite of going through all the misery till 2009 all that Jay Pee Ess could do is, request in a humble tone – “Please help me; I want justice; When will I get it?”

“Such is the fate of the student – When a MCI permitted seat is not later recognized.”

“Who will get him justice?” –

  • “Is it the PG Convener, who encouraged the student to join the MCI permitted  seat?”
  • “Is it the Principal of the College, who told not to worry about the MCI Permitted seat getting recognized?”
  • “Is it the state government, who is responsible to get the MCI Permitted seat duly recognized?”
  • “Is it the government regulatory council, which has not yet recognized the seat?”

So “When a MCI Permitted seat never gets recognized, then what happens to the student is crystal clear”. Conclusion! “Take admission only in duly Recognized Seat rather than a MCI Permitted Seat”.

Hence UG / PG Degree completed only in a Recognized seat will meet all important criteria like eligibility for higher studies, selection into prestigious government posts,  and respect of the medical community.

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