MD in Dominica basically attracts international students who want to study the syllabus and pattern of study that exists in United States. But as we all know it is a costly affair to pursue medical studies in United States without a Scholarship.

Hence the students head towards this country which follows the pattern of study of US and definitely at affordable cost. In fact many students even from United States come to this peaceful country to pursue their medical degree.

Hence student desirous of making a career of doctor in United States of America must certain look forward to Dominica. The students for internship have the opportunity to visit the medical hospitals of United States due to the tie up that All Saints University and Ross University has with the leading hospitals of US.

Truly this kind of exposure to any medical student in the medical hospitals of United States is always a plus point for the international students.

MD in Dominica Is Open For

MD in Dominica is open for aspirants looking to study in All Saints University which provides quality education leading to MD degree.

Dominica is an island located between the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Eastern Caribbean, with an area of 289.5 sq. miles (754 sq. km), 29 miles long and 16 miles wide.

The population is around 78,912, of which 25,000 live in the capital city, Roseau (pronounced ‘Ro-zo’). English is the official language however French-based Creole (kwéyòl) is widely spoken.

Dominica is one of the best places in the Caribbean for diving, dolphin watch, hiking, bird watching, a rainforest and the best place for relaxing & holidaying.

MD in Dominica
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Dominica Adaptable to United States – Students from India, Asia or the world go to Dominica to study medical course, only because of its syllabus and pattern of study is in tune with United States. Almost all students after finishing their study in Dominica, have the maximum chance of making a career in the hospitals in United States.

This is one of the reason, the students who want a make a career in United States, go to pursue MD in Dominica. This is one of the option available to the students to study in Dominica and later move to United States.

All Saint’s University-  All Saints University provides high quality education leading to an MD in Dominica degree. All Saints strives to ensure to produce educated graduates to realize that the medical profession denotes a social responsibility.

Medicine is a noble profession to be learned. Hence students with drive to succeed and focus on the humanitarian aspects of the medical profession, are encourage by All Saint’s University to engage and respond to serve the needy.