Studying MD in Hungary has many advantages, To name one advantage, that it is Europe and member of European Commission. Hence it is a Schengen group of European countries.

Hence the students pursuing MD degree in Hungary have the advantages of moving while studying to all Schengen countries with the same the passport with single visa. Thus the students get the opportunity to go to many leading hospital and colleges in Europe and interact with professors and students.

The faculty of all these countries visit the Hungarian Medical Schools as visiting professors and doctors. This kind of exposure to the students will have a definite edge over other countries of the world. Hence the international students are encourages to pursue MD in Hungary and acquire a medical degree which is at par of international standards.

Universities to pursue MD in Hungary:

  • Semmelweis University
  • University of Debrecen

Semmelweis University has faculty of medicine and is located in Budapest Hungary.

  • This medical college is one of the oldest medical school in Hungary.
  • The medical school came into existence in the year 1769.
  • The language of instruction is Hungary, German and English.
  • The duration of the course is 6 years.
  • Maximum number of medical graduates in Hungary are the products of Semmelweis University.
  • This kind of reputation attracts foreign students in the world.
  • Nearly 25% of the students population in this medical school are overseas students.
  • The most sought after medical school in Hungary & Europe.
  • To get admission for pursuing MD in Hungary the students have to go through entrance examination.
Studying MD in Hungary

University of Debrecen, formerly known as Debrecen Medical University.

  • The Medical & Health Science Centre of University of Debrecen is located in the city of Debrecen, Hungary.
  • International students are given admission based on the academic records and entrance examination.
  • The duration of the course is 6 years.
  • The medical school is recognized and accredited bodies of the world.
  • The medical college came into existence in the year 1912.
  • The language of instruction of the University is Hungary and English.
  • International Education Centre has been set up in the University of Debrecen as a facilitator to help students from overseas countries with admission formalities and procedures.
  • The student can contact the university for admissions.
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  • Website: