Admission for MD in Romania – Students and aspirants from India may find MD in Romania as one of the option to study medicine.

Getting admissions in Romania is not an easy task. There are one or two consultants in India who take up the responsibility to advise, guide and help aspirants from India to go to Romania.

Contact the University – However, it would be very good if the students themselves make direct contact with the university through email and phone. The students could send their academic credentials by way of scanned copies to the universities. Once the academic certificates are up to the mark, the students will receive admission confirmation by email as well as post.

MD in Romania
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Visa FormalitiesOnce you receive the hard copies of admission letter and visa invitation from university of Romania. The remaining formalities can be completed by the guardians or parents. They  have to approach (with the original documents and  student) the Romanian Embassy in New Delhi.

Schengen Country – Very soon Romania country is going to become member of Schengen group of European countries. This is helpful to the students studying MD in Romania, thus the student can travel the whole of Europe with the same passport as long as you are studying in Romania.

Opportunities in EuropeWhile doing your MD in Romania you will get exposure of Europe as well as you can also find many opportunities to further study or even for jobs in Europe.

Address & Phone NumbersHence since the aspirants would like to try for admission in the universities for pursuing MD in Romania. We have updated certain information like names of the medical institutions, address & phone numbers that would be helpful to the students to communicate with the universities of Romania.

More Information about Universities for studying MD in Romania

We will add more information about medical degree of MD in Romania and the resources required by the students in due course of time. Hence do be in touch with this information on this website.

Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy affiliated to University of Bucharest, is located in the capital city of Bucharest, Romania. It is a government owned medical institution. It is one of the oldest medical school in Romania established in the year 1869. The university is academically linked to hospitals in Bucharest.

Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy is affiliated to University of Cluj. The medical school is more than 100 years old and came into existence in the year 1919. The medical school attracts many foreign students into its university due to the fact of the professors and faculty of this prestigious institution is open minded as well as multi-lingual. Scores of international students are enrolled in this benign university to study medicine.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Oradea came into existence only 22 years ago. The school is almost considered new due to the fact that many medical schools in Romania nearly 100 or more years old. The medical institution is located in Piata. The medical school is academically attached to Bihor County Hospital, Municipality Hospital & Pelican Hospital. This university with the medical school is known for its teaching methods where in the students are given the opportunity to present their lecture medical topics under the supervision of its professors.

Vasie Goldis West University of Arad is a private university in Arad city of Romania. The university came into existence in 1990 and named after Vasile Goldi, a well known politician of Romania. The medical school has its branches in many parts of Romania. To Name a few, they are, satu Mare, Baia Mare, Sebes and Zalau. The university attracts many students due to its private management and autonomy.

Ovidius University of Constanta, Faculty of Medicine is a Romanian Government Funded University. The university came into existence in the year 1990 in the port city of Constanta, Romania. Hence can be said to be only 20 years old university. International students from all over the world come to enroll into medical courses. The medical degree has duration of 6 years and the degree awarded is MD which is equivalent to MBBS. Aspirants looking to study in Europe may find Ovidius University to be economical in comparison with other university in Romania. The tuition fees would be around 3500 $ per year. All courses are taught in English.

Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu is situated in Sibiu city, an important cultural centre of Romania and is 280 kms of North West of Bucharest. In the year 1990 came into existence in this university or can be said founded as “The Victor Papilian Faculty of Medicine”. The medical school has all kinds of accreditations required. The medical institutions provide hostel facilities for the international students. Aspirants looking for admission in this university will find the university as well as the city atmosphere conducive for medical under-graduate and post-graduate studies. Website:

Romania is an European AttractionThe advantage of studying MD in Romania is that it is located in Europe and very soon will become a Schengen country, enabling student to study and travel all Schengen countries of Europe under the same passport and student visa.

This kind of arrangement gives a lot of exposure to the students about  the medical hospitals and professors of different renowned medical universities of Europe.

Students who are looking forward to get the exposure and make a career in Europe, would find Romania, a good country to pursue MD in Romania.