For medical admission abroad – can we completely rely on the marketing and word of the educational consultant?  We want to make it clear to all aspirants in India looking for medical admission abroad. That the most important factor is to find out from Medical Council of India, whether the medical school or college suggested by the consultant is approved by MCI.

If not the student after coming back with the medical degree of the foreign university that is not approved by MCI, would not be able to practice in India. Many students in the past have suffered and are suffering with so many court cases.

Find out from the consultant if any student from the past have passed out of that university and now in India either doing jobs or admitted in higher studies i.e., PG course in medical colleges in India. If such evidence is produced by the consultant, then you can be rest assured about the genuine status of the medical university as well as the consultant.

For medical admission abroad – can we completely rely on the marketing and word of the educational consultant?

Things, a student must know before going for Medical Admission Abroad

  • Whether the medical university or college is approved by Medical Council of India?
  • Is the medical college accredited by WHO and other global accredited bodies?
  • Have at least 2 to 3 batches of students have passed in that university and are back in India, and successfully registered in Medical Council of India.
  • How many students who returned from abroad with a medical degree from that university have passed MCI Screening Test?
  • How many students who are armed with foreign graduate medical degree of that university are studying in the PG courses in India?

Reality to know before taking Medical Admission Abroad   

  • Students leaving for abroad to pursue medical studies must bear in mind, that you are going to stay in that country for 6 years. The most important part is the availability of India food.
  • Well, there is in fact no such arrangement either in Ukraine, Russia, China or Philippines. However you will be assured by the consultant that Indian food is available.
  • Well such arrangement is non-existent and it is an eventual practice to cook your own food. Or else your health will get deteriorated.
  • Or you will have to survive by eating the local food of the country you are studying your medical course.
  • One more important thing – How is the safety and security of the student going for medical admission abroad.

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