NEET Events – Whether anyone likes or dislikes NEET, it does not matter because NEET is a reality.

This is proven by the two rounds of NEET conducted in the year 2016.

The primary application submission was for NEET.

The secondary application was to the individual state government colleges and seats; to the self-financed association medical colleges and to the individual deemed special status medical institutions.

NEET Events Confusion Follows

Again, the NEET cut-off marks qualifying students were facing another confusion and chaos of applying.

  • The lucky few who applied the secondary application got the admission.
  • The unlucky many NEET qualified who could not or did not apply the secondary application remained admission-less.

The plethora of NEET events that took place resulting in the lying vacant of nearly or equal to combine 5000 MBBS/BDS seats.

  • Eventually no filling of seats for the academic year 2016-17.

The above rigmarole experience of the MBBS-NEET qualified candidates and their hapless parents/guardians needs sympathy.

NEET Events
NEET Events – Photo Credit

The NRI Chaos

The NRI quota candidates were not even having proper information  – hence the question whether to write or not to write NEET to become eligible to take admission in MBBS.

  • Or are the marks, the basis of admission.
  • Again the NRI lucky who wrote NEET, qualified and applied to the secondary also, were fortunate to take admission.
  • The remaining NRI sponsored candidates who did not apply to NEET, hence a question of qualifying does not arise and so absolutely no chance of making to MBBS course for the year 2016-17 academic session.

Who is responsible for all this? Who is right and who is wrong? And there are no answers to these questions.

Watching NEET-UG Debut

It is confusion to the MBBS doctors who were appearing for NEET-PG in December 2016, thus are keenly watching the above NEET debut of the MBBS aspirants.

  • The results announcement is likely in the mid of January 2017.
  • After the results and the cut-off’s  announcement, I think we would be watching another set of circus events.

The suspense unfolds in the second week of January 2017.

Let’s wait and watch.

My advice to the doctors nursing ambition to take admission in the academic year 2017-18 in the specialization of your choice; please be alert and ready to grab the opportunity of PG seat that is coming to your door.

  • Good Luck and Best Wishes for NEET Events 2017.