NEET Prepare – National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is hoping for the best and preparing for the NEET Prepare.  The writing is clear on the great wall of India. Count down has begun for the debut of National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test. The date is May 5, 2013. Results in the 2nd week of June 2013. The show must go on. Indian Students and country men get ready to appear for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test conducted by CBSE.

“The entrance test will be in English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil and Telugu.”

Start applying online from December 1, 2012. So far as good as it gets. We hope National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test to be a neat affair. Download the copy of syllabus available on the MCI website.

NEET Prepare Disinterested Parties of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu

National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test disinterested parties include the parents associations in Gujarat, the private colleges association in Andhra Pradesh & the politicians in Tamil Nadu. And many more from different sections of the society.


Gujarati students feel that the time available is too less to get adjusted to the CBSE model of question paper which is not in tune with the Gujarat Higher Secondary Board syllabus and pattern, and hence interested to postpone the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test to next academic year 2014.

Andhra Pradesh

The private medical colleges of Andhra Pradesh have shown inclination to have their own entrance examination.

Tamil Nadu

The politicians of Tamil Nadu feel that National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test thrusting on socio-economically weak section students of Tamil Nadu is unfair.

NEET Prepare – National Eligibility cum Entrance Test.
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NEET Prepare Opinions & Suggestions Galore

The suggestions and opinions are galore. Certain quarters want National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test to be optional instead of mandatory. They opine having only NEET Prepare will make the students vulnerable.

“The students would lose one year, if they don’t make it in National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test in the academic year.”

However if National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test is made optional, the student have the options for appearing in other entrance examinations, if he does not qualify in National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test.

Luxury in few Regional Languages

NEET Prepare to have luxury of entrance exam in English, Hindi as well as in the regional languages of Telugu, Gujarati, Tamil & Bengali, available only to the students of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

“Due to the fact that the above mentioned states were having their erstwhile entrances in their respective local languages.”

Such is not the case with other states in India. This becomes a  disadvantage for Kerala, Karnataka, Odisha and other states in India.

Opposition by ‘Education Promotion Society of India’ Meet

NEET Prepare is opposed by Education Promotion Society of India (EPSI), a non-profit autonomous organisation, comprising members from the private medical colleges of Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

“The EPSI meet held in July 2012 with the aim to oppose National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test.”

We have to see to their plan of action with regard to National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test in the coming months. EPSI are party for submitting cases against NEET Prepare in Supreme Court.

Preparations by Goa, Karnataka and Odisha

The states of Goa, Karnataka and Odisha have already started to prepare the students and tune to National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test model of entrance. The test pattern consists of 180 questions for duration of 3 hour with negative marks for wrong answers.

“The syllabus of National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test is prepared by CBSE, COBSE & NCERT.”

We hope the syllabus is prepared keeping the uniformity of syllabi of various states board in India.

Problems of the Students

The students in India are facing problems with test preparations. Initially the students were preparing for common entrance test pattern followed in their respective states. Now have to switch to CBSE model of examination.

“The students believe the syllabus has increased manifold .”

Thus placing the students at a disadvantage in comparison with the CBSE board students.[ad 2]

Affect on the Rural Students – Questions are many. Answers are few. What about the students from the rural and the socio-economic weak background? Can these students compete with the urban students? Whatever is said and done. The debate is unending.

The disparity among urban and rural cannot be ignored. National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test supporters are more in numbers. NEET Prepare opposition is few in numbers but strong in lobbying.  All said and done. Hope for the best and prepare for the ‘NEET Prepare’. 

Though the NEET ordinance has been issued by the government but must get the approval of the President of India to come into effect.

In all probability it looks like a petition might be filed in the Supreme Court against the centre’s move.

It means the ordinance could be challenged in the Supreme Court.