NEET UG PG – National Eligibility cum Entrance Test – Objections.
NEET UG PG UG / PG will start the beginning of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Era. A single joint All India Test for students from India. This exam will cut the stress of the students. The students need not write so many entrances in India. The students need not travel to the different exam centres of various medical colleges.

NEET UG PG Debut & Debate

When we see the national dailies, we see a lot of debate about the debut of NEET UG PG Entrance Examination. However, we have to clear the apprehensions of every sections of the students and education entrepreneurs.

“The opinion of the education entrepreneurs, that the rights of the state to be protected, must be taken into account.”

The entrepreneurs would always like to protect the rights of the regional states students who may not be able to compete with the urban élite students, who are quipped with better coaching facilities.

Education Entrepreneurs of Maharashtra

The private colleges association in Maharashtra fear that by forcing a National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is suppressing their right and would take the final decision to join NEET UG PG UG based on the outcome of the verdict of Supreme Court.

“Private Colleges association’s are having apprehensions of loosing autonomy of unaided colleges and  control over the admission process.”

The professional unaided colleges need not worry of such developments. However having National Eligibility cum Entrance Test will help students write only one entrance exam throughout India.  However, the verdict of the Honourable Supreme Court will be final & binding to all.

NEET UG PG – National Eligibility cum Entrance Test – Objections.
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NEET UG PG in Mother Tongue Odia

A socio-cultural organisation from Odisha want the entrance to be conducted in Odia. Their contention that the students of Odisha are 40000 and can do well if the entrance exam is conducted in the local language. Well, let the organisation tell themselves that all these years the students of Odisha were writing even OBJEE in English.

“Well, for the question if Andhra, Gujarat, West Bengal, & Tamil Nadu can write in their own language, then why not Odia?”

The answer is that all these states were having entrance in their regional language all these years and the set up to write entrance in local language is already in place. However other states of India including Odisha were not conducting in local languages all these years and hence the infrastructure is not ready. The time is less for this year. However from next year all states will have entrance in regional languages too apart from Hindi & English.


An official from this state says they are not interested in National Eligibility cum Entrance Test conducted by CBSE but only in OBJEE conducted by Odisha. The official states that the All India NEET UG PG exams will fill the medical colleges in Odisha by non-Odisha students who may not be ready for compulsory rural posting after completion of MBBS in Odisha. So this might not be in favour to Odisha.

“Sir only 15% seats will go to Non-Odisha students as is happening every year.”

Hence the rights of the the regional students is protected. 85% of seats will go to the students of Odisha.

Syllabus Discrimination in Nagpur

An organization of Nagpur objects that the thrusting of syllabus of NEET UG PG which is not under the state syllabus is discrimination to the regional students of the state. The syllabus of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test which is CBSE based is not up to the mark with state syllabus. The organization would like to approach the Supreme Court in this regard.

Encashing Coaching Institutes

While the objections are plenty. The confusion of NEET UG PG-debate is being encashed by the regional state coaching institutes who have increased their fees with the reason that the syllabus has increased and the pattern of entrance exam is different. Hence emphasize that the coaching materials and the pattern have to be matched according to the CBSE model of entrance exam.

Solutions to Problems of Students of all States in India

The parties always have a genuine reason to start debate. We respect their concern to protect the rights of the state as well as the students. However let us be enlightened that:

  • A single exam is for the advantage of students.
  • Saves time, stress and cost.
  • Ranks obtained in National Eligibility cum Entrance Test applicable for regional as well as All India medical colleges.
  • As usual only 15% seats are meant for non-local students.
  • NEET UG PG Syllabus & pattern of test is prepared taking into consideration all kinds of precautions.

Let us not get carried away with confusion and chaos. We better create a positive environment for the lakhs of students of India who are ambitiously looking to become doctors and serve our society.