Hope the saga “NEET Upper Age Limit” of  25 years above MBBS aspirants will come to an end on 31 March 2017.

Are we being fair to suppress the humble request of 1,50,000 young MBBS aspirants of India? And calling them old (+25 Years).

All they want is opportunity to write National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test and try their chances to get a MBBS seat by fair means.

But some how CBSE, MCI and the concerned ministry thinks otherwise making every effort to stop the 25 years old aspirants to apply.

What about the students who are trying their level best from past so many years to make their dreams come true? Are we going to simply in one stroke tell them “No you cant go for NEET because you are more than 25 years.”

In most of the countries in the world, there is nothing like age restriction / limitation for studies. But when it comes to India, we have different reason. NEET Upper Age Limit To Be Or Not To Be – Photo Credit

Reasons of Authorities for non-removal of NEET Upper Age Limit

One of the silly reason given by authorities is “To avoid impersonation in entrance exams, we are taking this drastic step.”

By quoting this unreasonable reason, are the authorities saying that we do not having the machinery to stop the impersonation. And that we are inefficient in tackling impersonation. So we are stopping above 25 year olds from appearing for NEET.

My Goodness! Absolutely ridiculous situation!

Poor guys they are young and gullible. They do not know how to convince the authorities. Every effort is being made to get an yes from the government. But in vain.

Hence they had to approach the courts of law for justice.

The matter is sub judice ( under judicial consideration and hence prohibited from public discussion ).

Hence the ministers or politicians cannot comment on this matter.

But in the recent development where in, it is reported in national newspaper (TOI); that Lodha Committee recommended for removing age limit and No. of attempts limit.

Even the MCI Vice-President also made the announcement.

However, on 20 March 2017 the lawyer from MCI argued in Supreme Court that it is Lodha Committee’s recommendation not MCI’s.

In this kind of situation, the Supreme Court bench consisting honorable judges postponed the decision for “allowing or not allowing above 25 years old MBBS aspirants” to 31 March 2017.

The finger crossing 1,50,000 Upper-Age-Limit removal demanding aspirants are waiting patiently for the last day of March 2017.

Hence. let us wait for the highest court of India’s verdict on 31 March.

Hoping only smiles and tears of joy for these NEET Upper Age Limit removal demanding youngsters on that D-Day.