Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats to be or not to be in practice.

Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats to be or not to be conducted is the subject of discussion taking place generally in the admission and counseling months of June, July & August every year.

Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats to be or not to be in practice.  Photo Credit

The Management Quota Seats and transparency debates, followed by action to incorporate online admission, initiated in the political circles, the student communities, the education entrepreneurs, the private medical college managements and the affiliated university.

Are Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats costing Rs 70,00,000/- to Rs 100,00,000/-?

Recently in one of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, ‘Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats‘ buzzword came to limelight. The matter raised, was about the management quota seat of MBBS being sold for Rs 70, 00,000/- to Rs. 100, 00,000/- range, came to the notice of the governor of the state government.

“Immediately a meeting was held with the education minister of the state government to curb such practice followed by private medical colleges to collect such exorbitant amounts.”

The governor suggested to make Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats. The method would let the students apply online and the procedure can be conducted transparently.

Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats to be or not to be in practice.

Objections from Minority & Non-Minority Medical Colleges

However, on expected lines the objections for Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats came from the private unaided minority and non-minority medical colleges. The self-financed medical colleges denied allegations that they are charging such huge amounts of money under management quota.

“The owners of these self-financed medical colleges have expressed their own versions of Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats.”

They wish the government does not interfere into the affairs for Management Quota Seats.

Fees per annum as per Admissions & Fee Regulatory Committee

This southern state of Andhra Pradesh has 40% of the total medical seats come under Management quota. The fees for non-minority institutions is Rs. 5,50,000/- and the minority institutions is Rs. 6,00,000/-. This fee as prescribed by government constituted – “Admissions and Fee Regulatory Committee”. For the 5 years duration of MBBS course the fees is Rs. 27,50,000/- (Non-Minority Medical colleges) and Rs. 30,00,000/- (Minority Medical Colleges).

“The media reports and sources suggest that Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats costs Rs 70, 00,000/- to Rs 1, 00, 00,000/- per MBBS seat.”

After observing and hearing all reports, the Governor emphasized to conduct  Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats which will result in transparency.

The Governor / Ministers’ Point of View for Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats

  • The Governor / Minister wanted Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats in a transparent manner.
  • Hence directed the private medical colleges to immediately conduct  admissions online to admit students.
  • And wanted the MBBS seat under management quota to be secured by deserving students who have obtained high percentage of marks in their 12th Class / Intermediate Examination.

The Private Medical Colleges’ Point of View

  • However the private medical colleges authorities point out that the government are limited only check the facilities available to the students in the colleges and wish government not to interfere in the process of management quota admissions.
  • The Association consisting of private medical colleges wants to conduct MBBS Admissions by their own.
  • They state that they do not collect large sums of money as per different reports and;
  • They defend by stating that such allegations are baseless and do not have any proof.

Point of view of Students who were denied admission into MBBS under Management Quota

  • The students and parents approached the private medical colleges for MBBS Admissions under management quota, but turned away, stating that the seats are already filled and the list is in the process of getting approval by Dr NTR University of Health Sciences (Dr NTRUHS).
  • However when the students inquired, the University, confirmed no such approval has been given to any list yet.
  • Now the students / parents were certain that the private medical colleges are selling the seats by auction to the highest bidder.

Dr NTR University of Health Sciences Cannot Take Action

  • The matter reached Dr NTR University of Health Sciences about the private medical colleges collecting large amounts of money and the practice exists from the last 6 to 7 years.
  • Dr NTR University of Health Science stated that they were helpless in this regard and cannot take action against any medical college until and unless a proper complaint is given by one of the students or parents.

Final Verdict vs. Split Verdict on Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats

In the year 2007 a division bench gave a judgment on admissions of seats under management quota to receive application online and give MBBS seat on merit. Again petitions were submitted in July 2012 in the High Court to get a stay for Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats.

Justice Eswariah Views

However Justice Eswariah says that the guidelines & norms issued by the bench in the year 2007 are applicable for minority medical institutions and the government should have issued Government Order even for the non-minority medical colleges to incorporate as well. The bench wanted the guidelines be followed in this academic year 2012;

“However when the court observed that the software required for Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats may not be ready to link the 26 private medical colleges for this academic year 2012-13.”

Justice Eswariah taking note of the Supreme Court had given them a time schedule, said MBBS Admissions process cannot be stopped now, and hence Justice Eswariah rejected the petitions seeking stay.

Justice Ravi Shankar Views

But Justice Ravi Shankar has taken a different precedent and arrived at the judgment. Justice Ravi Shankar observed that the Admissions for MBBS seats under management done based on the marks achieved in the intermediate examinations are in violation of the law.

“The honourable Justice version being that the Online MBBS Admissions for Management Quota Seats to be done based on the ranks obtained in EAMCET.”

He quoted the precedent by referring to the Section 3 of the “AP Educational Institutions (Regulation of Admissions and Prohibition of Capitation Fee) Act, 1983” and it is in violation. Hence stayed MBBS Admissions under management quota.

Justice Vilas Afzalpurkar views

After this split verdict, the matter was referred to another Justice Vilas Afzalpurkar. The Honourable Justice concurred with Justice Eswariah of not staying of MBBS Admissions process now and further directed the Dr NTR University to go through the selected list submitted by the Management of private medical colleges and give approval within the rules of the existing rules.

“The court’s judgment disappointed the student’s community and hence online admission could not get conducted this academic year of 2012-13.”

We hope and pray that in the next academic year the admissions under management quota are conducted online.

Case Study of “MBBS Admissions under Management Quota to be made Online”

The above case studies show us the actions and reactions of the medical colleges, the government, the student communities, the verdict of courts of law and the university regarding online admissions under management quota in Andhra Pradesh. We are of the opinion the same kind of situation will prevail in almost every state of India of online MBBS admissions in private colleges under management quota.
“We assume the readers of this article will have a fair idea to visualize the scenario and get enlightened.”
Given below a small chart to understand how much money is riding when MBBS Admissions under management quota are in the process. The details may not be exact and differs from state to state in India.

The Total Tuition Fees for complete duration of MBBS As Per G.O.

MBBS Institutions

Number of seats

Tuition fees per Student

Total Amount

Minority Colleges


Rs. 30,00,000/-

Rs. 48,00,00000/-

Non-Minority Colleges


Rs. 27,50,000/-

Rs. 324,50,00000/-



Rs. 372,50,00000/-

Total Amount is Rupees Three Hundred Seventy Two Crores and Fifty Lakhs Only

The sums of amount shown in the chart is definitely a motivating factor for the entrepreneurs looking forward to set up a medical college to produce more doctors and decrease the  doctor to patients ratio of India.

We sincerely request to the private medical colleges management to let admissions be conducted online from next year.

Without any doubt the online method will allow transparency and give opportunities to deserving students who can pay the yearly fees but cannot pay donations.

Note:The above is only the opinion and the details in the chart are inconclusive. You may give your experience or give your valuable comment / reply to this article “Online Admissions for MBBS under Management Quota.”