Anesthesia in a common man’s understanding is the condition of having sensation blocked or it can also be said as sensation temporarily taken away. Thus allowing a patient to undergo surgery or any other procedures without experiencing any pain or distress.

Types of Anesthesia

There are some types of anesthesia that are administered to the patients, like local anesthesia, regional anesthesia, general anesthesia and dissociative anesthesia, depending upon the surgery or other procedure to be conducted on the patients.
Post Graduate Diploma in Anesthesia

In India there are nearly 150 medical colleges offering more than 600 seats in post graduate diploma in anesthesia. All of these colleges are spread across the whole of India.

At the end of two years of training as residents in anesthesia, the candidates should be fully conversant with theory and practical aspects of the whole body of the human being.

Admissions in Medical College for PG Diploma

Their are total of 644 PG Diploma Seats available in the government and private medical colleges in India. PG Diploma Anesthesia Seats are in most demand and the reason being for any surgery or operation the role fo a qualified anesthetist is vital. Hence the demand.

To get admissions into PG Diploma course in any college in India, the doctor with MBBS degree has to appear all India entrance conducted by the autonomous medical institutions as well as the medical colleges in the respective states of India.

The autonomous medical institutions consists of college directly reporting to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and also institutions have the deemed university status as per the UGC Act 1956.  These autonomous institutions conducted their own entrance examination at All India Level to select  candidates.

Again each state government in the different states of India have their rules for conducting the entrance examination to the local candidates of the states getting the preference of the maximum seats. The state has its university that are affiliated to the medical colleges. Admissions are conducted by the government by counseling and seats are allotted to the candidates in the medical colleges.

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