Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Pittsburgh comes 2nd choice of the applicants among the Medical Schools of Pennsylvania. The school of  medicine came into existence in the year 1886 and affiliated to University of Pittsburgh.

The programs offered by Medical School Pittsburgh are MD, MD/PHD.

Apply To Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Given below certain details in a nut shell about the application. Financial aid available. Matriculates. Enrollment. Number of students. And other details helpful to you.

Area of Concentration at Pittsburgh SOM

Some of the specializations available for the applicants who would prefer to apply while directly applying to Pittsburgh – School of Medicine.

Anesthesia, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Cell Biology. Dermatology, Family Medicine, Genetics, Immunology. Microbiology, Neurology, Obstetrics.

Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pathology, Pediatrics. Pharmacology, Physical Therapy, Physiology, Psychiatry. Radiology, Surgery and Urology.

Pittsburgh – School of medicine expects the 2nd highest requirement of GPA – 3.84 and MCAT- 36 scores among the 9 medical schools of Pennsylvania.

Applications per year at Pittsburgh Medical School

Every year Pittsburgh – School of Medicine receives nearly 5000 applications from the permanent. And non-permanent citizens of United States.

Of which more than 4000 applications are from permanent citizens of the out-of-Pennsylvania State. And 700-plus applications from In-Pennsylvania State.

When it comes to non-permanent citizen International applications are more than 100.

Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Pittsburgh
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Shortlist Interview at Pittsburgh Medical School

Pittsburgh School of Medicine every year shortlists nearly 750 applicants for interview.

Out of these more than 700 shortlisted interview applicants are from out-of-Pennsylvania state.  Followed by only between 30 t0 40 shortlisted applicants are from In-Pennsylvania state. And finally between 5 to 10  international students are shortlisted.

Enrollments & Total No. of Students At Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh School of Medicine enrolls every year between 140 to 150 students into their medical programs.

The approximate number of students studying in the four year graduate course of medicine is nearly 600.

Matriculation at Pittsburgh

Every year the matriculates in Pittsburgh – School of Medicine are anywhere between 150 to 160.

Out of these more than 100 matriculates are from the out-of-Pennsylvania-State. Less than 35 matriculates are from in-Pennsylvania-State. And a maximum of 1 is an international student matriculate.

The male matriculates are little over 50 per cent in comparison with female of 43 percent among the total matriculates.

Financial Aid At Pittsburgh

The financial aid available to the enrolled students in Pittsburgh – School of Medicine is very positive. More than 90 percent chance of getting the aid. This is as per the history of past years in this Pittsburgh – school of medicine.

This financial aid enable the medical student to meet the tuition and cost of attendance.

There are two kinds of financial aid available to the students –

  •  Grants & scholarship to more than 65 percent of students.
  •  Loans to more than 80 percent of students.

Increase of Tuition Fees At Pittsburgh

Historically it has been observed that the tuition fees of Pittsburgh – School of Medicine from the past 15 years has increased from $22, 000 to the present year to nearly $40, 000 for the in-Pennsylvania state enrolled students.

However for out–of–Pennsylvania enrolled students the tuition fees increased from $30,000 to the present year to nearly $45,000.

The Pittsburgh – School of Medicine charges the 7th highest Tuition fees among the 9 Medical Schools of Pennsylvania.

Apply to Pittsburgh SOM

The applicant can apply online based on the preference at Pittsburgh – School of Medicine. For more details the candidate can contact the School of Medicine.

Name: Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Address: 3550 Terrace Street, 518 Scaife Hall
City / State: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15261
Phone:  (412) 648-9891
Email: admissions@medschool.pitt.edu
Website: www.medadmissions.pitt.edu
Admissions: Apply directly to Pittsburgh SOM

The above mentioned information about Pittsburgh School of Medicine is only a nut shell. The applicants and aspirants may visit the website of the medical school for more details.