Stem Cell Engraftment Guarantees of top 3 leading U.S. cord blood banking companies. They are Cryo-Cell – $75,000, ViaCord – $25,000 and CBR – $50,000.

However, it looks like the majority of families or parents most likely would be attracted to go to Cryo-Cell. Reason given below. The comparison of offers given by the 3 cord blood companies’. Will help you decide to choose the best.

Stem Cell Engraftment Guarantees – Cryo-Cell.  ViaCord.  CBR.

If we go by the claims of Cryo-Cell International regarding the Stem Cell Engraftment Guarantees offer. Definitely Cryo-Cell offers more with a maximum of $75,000.

This in comparison with the other 2 leading cord blood banking companies looks attractive. ViaCord offers $25,000 guarantee. CBR $50,000.

Price Comparison for Cord Blood Banking – Cryo-Cell. ViaCord. CBR.

The best value for the price of Cryo-Cell International who are charging only $2,074. This inclusive of Processing. Testing. Courier. And First year of storage. This price looks better than ViaCord whose price is $2,250. Followed by CBR which costs $2,195.

On the top of all guarantees. Cryo-Cell claims that all specimens released for therapeutic use have been viable.

Stem Cell Engraftment Guarantees
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And that Cryo-Cell have an unmatched 100% viability record.

This is in comparison with any other cord blood banks of U. S.

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