Is it fair to throw out 517 MBBS students from colleges across India?

Many don’t think it is.

The opinion is based on thinking.

Before we go further with the subject.

Let it be known to readers that this topic is with respect to 517 MBBS were sent notices by MCI; asking to vacate the MBBS seats with immediate effect.

Reasons given was that the students have taken admission in violation of Supreme Court order.

This was reported in national dailies. Please see the links for further details.

When a student applies to a medical college with his qualified NEET score.

Suppose the medical college allows the student for taking admission.

Then in what way, it is the mistake of the students.

The guardians are not enough knowledgeable to know; that once a MCI recognized or permitted medical college is giving admission; then absolutely think everything is OK.

In such a situation, are the authorities like MCI and others; expecting every parent to approach them to find out whether the medical college can take admission.

Well, it is the responsibility of the medical college to guide them.

Even the medical college may argue, when other students have not applied; then definitely, it is will give next priority to the students who approached.

The medical college also cannot keep the seats vacant.

throw out 517 MBBS students from colleges
throw out 517 MBBS students from colleges – Photo Credit

To throw out 517 MBBS students from colleges is not a solution

We are not saying the medical college is right.

Here medical college without taking the MCI authority into confidence taking admission is wrong.

On top, medical colleges taking such a risk of taking admission in spite of the Supreme Court directive; to not take admission without counseling is absolutely wrong.

However for this, please don’t blame the gullible and ignorant students / guardians.

But, ignorantly they have also gone against SC order.

Hence, are also party along with medical colleges, guilty of breaking rule of taking admission without counseling.

Finally we are only suggesting to the concerned authorities, regulatory agencies, and health ministry.

That let not the careers of the 517 MBBS students get into risk.

Humble request to please do something needful to the benefit of the students.

Let them go back to the respective medical colleges to pursue their studies albeit with a fine and warning.

That is please do not throw out 517 MBBS Students from colleges.