Where There Is No Doctor In Indian Village. “Where There Is No Doctor”, is there is an Indian village?  Or is it that Indian village is a place, “Where There Is No Doctor”? This phrase holds true by looking at the evidence of doctor-villager ratio of India which is 1:25,000 (Source: Piramil Social Initiative).

The statistics sugest – “Where there is one doctor for every 25,000 villagers”. Thus proving the point that Indian health care professionals are almost conspicuous by their absence in the village. When no health care professional wants to go, so there is no doctor in a village, hence the phrase “Where There Is No Doctor” in an Indian village.

“Is this the tradition or practice being followed from times immemorial in various countries in the world in general and India in particular?.

Break The Traditional Practice –

Let’s break the traditional practice, if not; the health of the inhabitants’ of 6, 38,365 Indian villages (Source: Census of India) will have irreversible deterioration.

Who will be held responsible for this? None! –  Or is it the I-wont-go-to-village health care’ community, or for the non-setting up of health care centres or hospitals with proper facilities for the health care professionals to go for rendering proper treatment to the rural population, or the de-motivated health care professionals due to lack of incentives, or is it the combination of all factors?

“The attitude has to change for the better. The unselfish moralists have to pioneer the change”.

David Werner –

One pioneer we all know did not wait for the health care professionals but wanted a change in the trend and succeeded changing till today, starting his change-the-trend journey from the rural interiors of Mexico to the rural citizens of 108 countries to date. No prize for guessing, it is Mr. David Werner, whose book which was first published in Spanish and rightly named: “Where There Is No Doctor”.

Where There Is No Doctor In Indian Village. “Where There Is No Doctor

This book ‘Where there is no doctor’ till today is doing rounds in the world of rural community – it can be said to be a medical bible for the deserving villagers’ world over. The book “Where There Is No Doctor” is helpful to a layperson who could manage simple health related problems that may arise. The pictures, charts and the tables do effective communication to literate and illiterate persons alike. The book “Where There Is No Doctor” is available to 108 countries and the numbers are growing. Available in 80 languages and millions are  benefited due to tele-network reach by downloading information by cell phones in the villages.

“Well, we can’t say the book “Where There Is No Doctor” is a perfect-panacea but certainly a stop gap arrangement till trained health care professional arrives to treat the patients”.

Denise N Baken – University of Maryland –

Even the Journal of American Medical Association was very careful in endorsing the book “Where There Is No Doctor”.  We have to agree with Denise N Baken, University of Maryland University College, who has reviewed the book “Where There Is No Doctor”.

In the words of Denise N Baken –

“Even the Hesperian Foundationcomes close to acknowledging through their announcement of a new book “Where There Is No Doctor” for the 21st Century”.

Prayer To Indian Health Care Professionals –

Now the question with a prayer to our Indian health care professionals, health care community, the Union Health Ministry, the 355 medical colleges in India, the corporate hospitals of the urban rich, the NGOs of India, present students of medicine and the future health care professionals of our great country called India –

“Is the book ‘Where There Is No Doctor’ enough for our rural brothers and sisters of 6, 35,365 villages”.


Villages Are Waiting –

The book “Where There Is No Doctor” has done its stop gap arrangement and the villages are waiting for – the Health Care Professionals, the Health Care facilities to be set up by the Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, the NRI health care specialists & surgeons settled in US, UK, Canada, Australia, & New Zealand, the local politicians and the social networking health care NGOs to head towards the villages in India -The expressions on the faces of the villagers is effectively communicating  –

“We are waiting for your support and treatment.  We very humbly request to come soon before our health is deteriorated beyond repair”.


Where there is a will there is a way. Or let us say “Where there is a will of health care professional;  there is a Way to the village.

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